WordPress Installation

Self-hosted WordPress Installation

WordPress installation on your own server is the best decision you can take when starting your online business. It’s the most popular blogging platform. Many blog platforms are powered by wordpress. But, WordPress isn’t just a blogging platform software. It can be used for just about any kind of website, when you opt for self-hosted version. Its also one of the cheapest options to start building your website. The wordpress software is free and is its supported by a huge community. There is a huge repository of templates, themes, and plugins, that makes it easier and faster to create a website using wordpress platform.

wordpress installation service

We provide custom wordpress installation service for those who are not familiar with it. We will install all wordpress files to your server, add all necessary plugins for you to start blogging or building your website and make your wordpress installation as secure as possible.

Order now and your installation will be completed within 24-48 hours