Local Business Websites

If you are a local

  • Restaurant
  • Salon
  • Beauty parlour
  • Gym
  • Home repair services
  • Educational institute
  • Physician
  • Accountant
  • Lawyer
  • Dentist
  • Or any local business

A local business website gives your business an edge over others.

Even today, many local businesses do not have online presence as either they find it too complex or very expensive. Contrary to popular belief it’s very important to have a local business website as a considerable percentage of customers firstly verify the credentials online before making an actual purchase. The role of the designer is of utmost importance as he needs to exhibit a clear understanding of the local business and the local customers to deliver an effective and a functional end product.


detail of interior of restaurant in eastern style

We include the following in our local business websites:

Visible contact information: We wish that the target audience that logs in once to the website should get engaged and become a loyal customer

Contact Forms: They help calm down the information pangs of the visitors. Through the contact forms the customers can get a chance to interact, ask questions and seek information about your business.

Mobile friendly Responsive websites: With the advent of mobile first, the percentage of people accessing the websites through mobile technology is increasing.

Online bookings and appointments: Your customers can make bookings or appointments online via simple booking mechanism.

Testimonials: Adding testimonials and reviews is a confidence building measure and it helps visitors become more comfortable with your business and your product offering.

Social media integration: Social media is a productive marketing tool and lets your customers to create the buzz around your local business.

Discount coupons: Send discount codes and coupons to your customers.

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