Corporate Website Design

For any big business house their corporate website design is one of the key factors in establishing online presence. Enlisted below are some of the key features that will go a long way in developing a unique corporate website capable of making an impression in the consumer’s memory.

Interior of a modern office

Interior of a modern office

Projection of corporate mission: Your corporate website is the best medium to convey the vision and the mission statement to your target audience.
In sync with the brand: The look and feel of the website will be aligned with the branding guidelines of your company. All major corporates have very strict guidelines which lay out all the specifications for design elements such as colour-scheme, font, background colour as well as type of images to be used. These branding guidelines help in bringing uniformity in the online as well as offline image of the company, so that it’s identifiable for the target audience.

We follow your design guidelines strictly to deliver an outstanding corporate website design that conveys your company’s brand image strongly to your visitors.
Social media presence: The most frantic activity is happening on the social media. If a website fails to encash the heavy traffic on the social media it can prove detrimental to the company’s health. We will integrate your corporate website to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest to name a few.
Responsive website: The increased penetration of mobile phones and tablets in the current scenario demands that the websites are developed responsively. Your website provides the same user experience irrespective of the mode it is accessed.

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